Jeep Trailer build by Cruise Moab 2013 Kokopelli Trail with Dinoot Jeep Trailer

The Dinoot

We take a different approach to equipping folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring. Our focus is supporting those that want to “create” their own lightweight, durable, budget friendly camping trailer.  By putting in sweat equity, we offer a “have it your way” approach to building the camping trailer of your dreams.  Whether it be towed behind a Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Subaru or Suzuki.  We’ve also designed them for building and upgrading incrementally over time so you can spread out the cost.

This type of trailer goes by many names; Jeep Trailer, tent trailer, off road trailer, 4×4 trailer, expedition trailer, or adventure trailer to name a few. Regardless what you call them, Dinoot Trailers makes it easy and cost effective to join the ranks of Trailer Supported Adventuring.  They are build-able as Gear Haulers or Tent Topped Campers, and as heavy or light duty as your needs dictate.  This makes them equally at home off-road behind your Jeep™, or towed with a Subaru™ on a trip to grandmas.

We currently have two Dinoot models available; the J-Series and M-Series  The J-Series has distinct Jeep styling cues and is available in two sizes.  The M-series has classic M416 military trailer styling and is easily shortened for custom length tubs.

Not to worry if undertaking a DIY, home-built project isn’t right for you.  We offer assembly services and can build them to various levels of completion based on your needs.