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Explorer Box Trailer

  • The Explorer Box is designed as a straight forward, DIY friendly project with room for personalization and tailoring to you specific needs.
  • The detailed 85 page guide we have written takes you step-by-step through the process.
  • It utilizes a plywood building method that home-builders with basic woodworking skills can use to create a durable trailer that will give you many years of service.
  • For an overview of what it takes to build at home – click here.
  • To build an Explorer Box in dollars; under $2500 with a roof top tent.  Give us a call, leave a comment below or chat with us live here.
  • A standard Explorer Box is designed around a 4’x6’ flat deck trailer frame.
  • To keep the project simple, we show you how-to modify a readily available Harbor Freight bolt-together frame kit as a base under your Explorer Box.
  • Here is a PDF format version of “Modifying a Harbor Freight Frame.”

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2 thoughts on “Explorer Box Trailer

  1. This is a great, cheap alternative to buying an RV. I like its size the most. My wife and I are looking for something similar to travel the US with next summer. Maybe we will try building one ourselves.

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