One of the Explorer Box’s primary features is its shelved storage compartments for organizing your kitchen, cooking, food and miscellaneous camping items.  The side compartment is for smaller items.  The front compartment is for larger items with a stove and lantern shelf sized for commonly available Coleman equipment.  There is also a rear compartment for bulky items and storage containers.
Here is how we pack our trailer:

 The Front Compartment, Middle shelf is used for food storage.<br />Sometimes we use Sterilite 1624 ultra storage baskets for organizing.camping trailer compartments build at home explorer boxcompact camping trailer lantern-shelf
The Front Compartment, Middle shelf is used for food storage. Sometimes we use Sterilite 1624 ultra storage baskets for organizing. Configuration example of the Compact Camping Trailer Explorer Box trailer. Side Compartment.The Front Compartment, Lantern shelf is sized so a Coleman lantern in a hard shell carrying case fits.
Alternatively, a 9v lantern style flashlight and a roll of paper towels.
compact camping trailer build at home construction plans shelving front-emptycompact camping trailer build at home stove-shelfcompact camping trailer build at home shelf under-lantern
This is an example of the front storage area of the Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer.The Front Compartment, Stove Shelf is sized around commonly available Coleman dual burner propane stoves,
although many other stoves fit. Her it is with my thirty year old Hillary stove.
The Front Compartment, Under Lantern shelf there is room for four 16.4 oz propane cylinders.
I also store our first-aid kit and a spare 9v lantern flashlight battery here.
compact camping off road trailer compartment build from construction manual rear-loadedcompact camping trailer build at home front-deckcompact camping trailer off road build rear-empty
Rear compartment loaded with kayak and packing tubs.The Front Deck is where our cooler and water jugs go. When in camp, it doubles as counter space for food prep or cooking.
I really like Coleman steel-belted coolers. Our main cooler is a fairly new stainless one, although my first one, now 30 years old is still in service.
We also use Coleman 5-gal water jugs, they have a nice on/off spigot.
I find it useful for people to do an inventory of their current and planned new camping items. Lay everything out, see what goes with what, how things fit together, what can be stacked and how big stuff is. If necessary when building, it’s simple to modify the number and height of the shelves to better accommodate your gear.
compact camping trailer build at home shelving
Storage Configuration Examples for the build at home Compact Camping Trailer, Explorer Box.