Compact Camping Trailers

Compact Camping Concepts has a unique approach to equip folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring.  Our focus is to support DIYers that desire to “create” their own lightweight, compact, durable camping trailer. 

Compact Camping Trailers Lightweight Build at home trailer box

Our solutions provide the extra space needed for away from home adventures.  They are equally at home configured as Gear Haulers or Tent Topped Campers.  By adding some sweat equity, you get the satisfaction of creating something with your own two hands and stretching your budget.     

Not to worry if undertaking a DIY, home-built project isn’t right for you.  We offer assembly services and can build trailers to various levels of completion based on your needs.



Our Dinoot Trailers  are modular fiberglass panel kits which simplify the build process.  They are currently available in two models; the J-Seriesand M-Series. The J-Series has distinct Jeep styling cues and is available in two sizes.  The M-series has classic M416 military trailer styling and is easily shortened for custom length tubs.

Note: The links above take you to our Dinoot web-site.

Jeep Trailer lightweight fiberglass modular kit or ready to roll by Dinoot Trailers
OurExplorer Box construction manual make it simply to build a great plywood based compact camping trailer.  Think of it as a recipe; just follow the instructions and out pops a ready to use Explorer Box camping trailer. The manual takes you step by step through the process, with details, dimensioned drawing and pictures of each step. Compact Camping Trailers Explorer Box a build at home lightweight camping trailer

Our  ABC’s of Home-Built Camping Trailers guide is for folks with some ideas of what they want in a compact camping trailer that seek guidance about undertaking a project of this nature. It is also a good resource for understanding what is involved and assessing if a project like this is right for you.


Compact Camping Trailers Plan Manual for camping trailers



Don’t see exactly what you are look for? Have something unique in mind?  Let us know, we can help you convert your ideas into reality.  When you need more space for away from home adventures, think Compact Camping Concepts and Trailer Supported Adventuring! Contact Us!