No Weld Trailer Rack Bracket System Overview

No Weld Trailer Rack Bracket System

Compact Camping Concepts’s No Weld Trailer Rack Brackets now allow folks with basic DIY skills and tools to build sturdy, long-lasting trailer racks.  The brackets help you to make solid corner connections with no welding required.

Tools necessary:

  • Drill with 5/16” bit
  • A 5/16” wrench and socket
  • Square
  • Way to cut tubing

There are three ways to buy the No Weld Trailer Rack Bracket System:

  1. Purchase a bracket set and source your 1.5” square tubing locally to keep cost down.
  2. Purchase a bracket set with precut 1.5” square tubing sections.
  3. Purchase a complete rack ready for painting and bolting together.


To build a trailer rack: what you are basically doing is creating two hoops and connecting them together.  The hoops can be side-to-side in the front and rear, or front-to-back on each side.  You connect the hoops together to increase the overall rigidity of your rack.


Hoops side-to-side in front and rear

No Weld Trailer Rack DIY

Hoop front-to-back on each side

No Weld Trailer Racks DIY How To


The primary bracket of the rack system is the corner bracket.  With corner brackets, there are two types of joints.


Where a corner is formed

How build a no weld trailer rack


Where a tubing section intersects another.

Building a No Weld Trailer Rack


For applications where the racks will attach to a flat deck or pad, we have a base bracket.  Rack uprights can also be bolted directly to the side of frames and trailer boxes.


Base brackets

DIY No weld camping trailer rack


Attached to side of a frame

No Weld Camping Trailer Racks How To


Begin by determining the shape and size of your rack.  I do this by sketching planned rack.  Then use the sketch to figure out the number of bracket needed and tube lengths.

How to Build a No Weld Camping Trailer Rack


Once you have received your brackets, the first step is cutting your piece to size.  This could be done with a hack saw, but that would take some time.  A better way to cut your tubing is using a 4.5” angle grinder with a cutoff wheel attached.

How to make a trailer rack tube-cutting


After you have your tubing cut to length, lay the piece out on the floor the way they go together.

How to make a rack for your camping trailer or gear hauler


Then going one section at a time, position the brackets at the joint positions, square the joints up and mark the bracket holes.

DIY camping trailer no weld rack how to


Build a camping trailer no weld rack how to


Now you drill the bracket holes.  If you have a drill press available to you, this makes keeping the holes straight through the other side easy.  If not, it isn’t that hard to do with a hand drill and clearance drill as needed with the brackets if any of the holes are off-center.  For quick assembly post painting, I make joint-to-joint reference notes on a piece of tape, then fold it into the tubing

how to make a no weld trailer frame for camping or gear hauling


how to make a no weld trailer frame for camping or gear hauling trailer


Then painting can be as simple as a quick scuff up with 220 sandpaper, a wipe down with something like xlyene to clean and a coat or two of enamel rattle can paint.

Finally, assemble everything with 5/16” x 2 1/4″ bolt, load up whatever you plan to load on your rack and get out for some fun.

Camping Trailer No Weld Trailer Rack DIY


There is a Tventuring thread with additional pictures and information at No Weld Trailer Rack System.