Tailoring Your Explorer Box’s Kitchen

The Explorer Box is a flexible design.  One of the areas you can tailor is the Chuckbox style front kitchen / galley area.  It’s straight forward to optimize the shelf layout based on the items you normally take.

When planning a layout begin by gathering all you plan to pack inside;  Look at what would go together on a shelf, needs a shelf of its own, and what could be grouped together in a drawer.  I find that Sterlite plastic baskets work nicely as a drawers and are readily available at many stores.

I then use cardboard to mockup the layout and sizing.  This is an easy, cost-effective and quick way to test clearances and try different ways to organize things.

Once you’ve worked out a good layout, use the Explorer Box manual as a guide for the building method and to document the dimensions.  Here is a recent one I’ve been working on that has a wider than normal front door and doesn’t use a side door.

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  1. Hi, With the latest version you did away with the storage on the front of the trailer. Why? Have you tried a bottom hinged door so that woul provie the storage area? Or could it be removed for a table?


    1. No, the idea is to have a front cooler deck, it was not installed in the photo. I considered hinging it from the side and bottom. The next Explorer Box I build with a full front door approach, I will probably have the door hinged at the bottom and test both methods.

      Thanks Jeanne,

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