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Multi Purpose Camping Trailer

Here is an overview of a Utilitarian style multi purpose camping trailer I recently setup for a customer.  For Compact setups, I would normally use a 3.5’x5′ or 4’x6′ trailer, both under $500.  They went a little bigger with the 5’x8′ Lowe’s Utility Trailer as a starting point.

multi purpose camping trailer 1

The key feature for converting this one into a Multi-Purpose Camping Trailer was adding a rack. The rack takes their camping up a notch out of the dirt with a roof top tent. Racks can also be configured for hauling equipment; kayaks, bikes, paddle boards, canoes, or whatever you take on your camping adventures.

The rack for this trailer was built tall enough, a tad over 4′, for hauling bikes or dirt bikes underneath.  I built the rack using DIY No Weld corner brackets.

The rack started as a pile of cut up 1.5″ .120″ wall square tubing and brackets
multi purpose camping trailer 2

Then I laid the pieces out on the floor the way they go together.  In the first picture, you’ll see Base Plates which didn’t get used on this rack.

camping trailer multi purpose 3

camping trailer multi purpose 4

Then one section at a time; I marked the corners with reference numbers, positioned the brackets, squared the joints and marked the bracket holes.

multi purpose camping trailer 5

With all the holes marked, it was time to start drilling.

multi purpose camping trailer 6

Next, it was a matter of assembling and painting.  Some of the bracket / tube holes needed to be clearance drilled for the bolts to fit.  Here is a shot of the brackets and the recessed holes made with a 1″ hole saw for attaching the uprights.

multi purpose camping trailer 7

multi purpose camping trailer 8

Here are some shots of the completed rack, they are installing a roof top tent shortly. For tent topped trailers another important feature you will notice I added to this one are stabilizer / leveling jacks at all four corners. For angle iron style trailers like these, racks provide an additional benefit. They notably stiffen up the frame. Before the rack was installed, jumping in one corner could easily flex the frame 3″+.

It’s ready for the roof top tent and some adventures!

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2 thoughts on “Multi Purpose Camping Trailer

  1. That is a good idea. As some of us don’t have a welder handy. I’ll have to look into it some more.
    Great Article

    1. Hey Clarence, thanks for the kind words. We did some testing and have customers using these racks now. We have the kit or the parts on our store. Just look for No Weld Racks and let us know if we can help.

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