MOAB Tent Unit on Motorcycle Camping Trailer

Here is a nice motorcycle sized camping trailer Jim from North Carolina built using one of our M.O.A.B. Tent Units.

Jim has made some modifications to his M.O.A.B.   He mounted it with the foot end as the side that folds out verses the door end folding out. This required some changes to the bow mounting. Another modification he made was cutting out a portion of the tent floor for access to the trailer box storage from inside the tent.  He also added grommets to his travel cover for attachment with elastic cord verses using snaps.

6 thoughts on “MOAB Tent Unit on Motorcycle Camping Trailer

  1. Hi Gil, Glad to hear you like Jim’s camping trailer. Yes, it’s sized just about right for a motorcycle or Smart Car. On our web-site under Trailer Ideas / Home-Built Camping Trailers we have a picture of a customers Smart Car with his Tent Topped Camping Trailer.

    Happy Building,

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