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Got How-To Camping Trailer Examples?

Got "How To" Examples?

Have you visited Tventuring?

It is a forum community for folks interested in Trailer Supported Adventuring.  A place to discuss building, modifying and outfitting the camping trailers that support your "away from home" adventures. It is loaded with great how-to information.

One of the threads is How-to Build a Multi-Purpose Utility Camping Trailer. A trailer with multiple personalities; something to use for camping adventures one weekend, and a run to your local building supplies store or the dump the next week.

This type of trailer setup is the perfect way to maximize the benefits of driving a smaller vehicle with extra space only when needed. I started this thread as a place to share examples to help people visualize and figure out what type of configuration will work best for them.

The starting point is a utility trailer of some sort, then upgrading from sleeping in the dirt to the joys of Tent Topped Camping. I refer to them as a Utilitarian or Utility Trailer Campers. There are many types, sizes and styles to choose from. Personally I like the smaller 4x6 ones.

So check out the thread, How-to build a Multi-Purpose Utility Trailer Camper.  If you have already built one, post about it.

Happy Trailer Supported Adventuring!

Camping trailer with roof top tent and toy hauler Utility Trailer Multi Purpose Trailer with roof top tent camping trailer multi-purpose with roof top tent mulit purpose trailer with roof top tent camping trailer

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