Tent Units

Tent Units We carry a few different folding Rooftop Tent Units to cover a range of various needs. These Roof Read More

Custom Trailer Boxes

We build custom trailers! Don’t have the woodworking tools necessary to build your own? Read More

Explorer Box

The Explorer Box is designed as a straight forward, DIY friendly project with room for personalization Read More

Compact Trailers

Compact Camping Concepts has a unique approach to equip folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring. Our focus is… Read More
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Utilitarian Trailer

A Utilitarian is a budget friendly way to upgrade from sleeping on the ground when you need a trailer that has multiple personalities. A camping adventure one weekend, a run to the local building supplies store the next, maybe a dump run the next, then . . .?

It’s the perfect way to maximize the benefits of driving a smaller vehicle with extra space only when needed Our flatbed Welded Frames can be upgraded with 12” – 24” side walls for use as a Utilitarian. The side walls can be left open or filled in with brite plate, mesh or plywood. A side wall upgrade starts at $279.



Tent Units are normally elevated above the side walls on a set of rain gutter style racks. On taller side walls we can also mount the Tent Unit directly on top in some applications.


 If you already have a utility trailer then you’re half way there. It’s simply a matter of deciding on which style Tent Unit you choose to use. For additional variations on Multi-Personality trailers visit our Multi-Purpose Trailer page.