Trailer Ideas

Home-built camping and cargo trailers are nothing new, using plywood, glue, and a hand full of screws, people have been creating durable, functional, DIY trailers for years. As early as the 1930’s, magazines like Popular Mechanics and Mechanix Illustrated were publishing various plans. At Compact Camping Concepts we are working to foster a rebirth of interest in DIY trailers expecially camping trailers.

These are projects that will give you the pleasure and satisfaction of building something with your own two hands that you can then enjoy for many years to come. They also spark many campsite conversations with curious fellow campers inquiring about your unique camper.

I will caution you on one thing, if saving money is your only motivation, you might not have the most rewarding experience. Now combine saving money with being mechanically inclined and getting satisfaction from turning a pile of wood into something useful like a Compact Camper; that’s a recipe for success.

This section is a collection of information to simulate your thinking and help you hone in what the ideal home built trailer would be for you; whether it's a Tent Topped Camper or Gear Hauler. As with our focus, the information here is aimed at compact, easy to tow, DIY friendly trailer solutions. Although most of the ideas can be “shrunk” or “super-sized” depending on your needs. For information on our Explorer Box trailer and the detailed building plans we have available visit Explorer Box DIY.

We released our new Fiberglass, bolt-together trailer;  "The Dinoot"!  Check it out here!!

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