Interesting Compact Campers

Konvertible from Kimberley Kamper of Austrailia

Konvertible Kamper Kimberely Kampers

Australian Pick-up Bed Style camper from GT Campers

GT Camper Pickup Beds converted to trailers

This is a trailer Sportmobile made a while back.  Could duplicate it using a pickup bed trailer and tonneau cover.  Would not be hard to sew up a tent for it.

sports mobile Trailer shown by Compact Camping Trailers Sportmobile Trailer presented by Compact Camping Trailers

A Track Trailers Tvan

Track Trailer Tvan - presented by compact camping trailers

The Heilite was a single wheel, aluminum camper from the 50’s and 60’s

Here is a new twist on the old popup VW van, an Ursa Minor

Here is a camper called a Phoenix from the 70’s that was in Popular Mechanics.  It was built on a VW van chassis, you made the fiberglass body and tent unit.

This is a hard-side popup by Innovan Campers

Here is a 70’s vintage Camp’otel CarTop Tent, they came with a table and kitchen unit


A Germany nesting type camper called an Expedition Cabin by Finck Camping Systeme

This one is called an Egg Yolk Camper

I had to include this one, it’s not often you see a Model T with a rooftop tent on it.

Here is an out of production Coleman Colorado

This is the Quickup folding camper

Interesting power open roof top tent by Ezycamp

An Australian off-road style tent trailer by Camprite Campers

Often people ask me about a family size roof top tent; here is a 9’ wide x 7’ long prototype by Cartop Retreats


Here is as popup and popout style off-road trailer by Echo4x4 called a Kavango

Here is another popup/popout by Jurgens Safari, an Oryx, they also add an extra bedroom via a roof top style tent

This is what I call a go anywhere “Compact Camper”, a EarthRoamer XV-JP.  We’ll have to wait for our lottery numbers to come in before we can afford one.



The Conqueror Campers Supra

Here is a covered wagon style rooftop tent I came across

Covered Wagon style roof top tent Covered wagon style roof top tent

Here are a few VW vans that have been recycled and converted into trailers

VW converted into a trailer VW van converted to a trailer

Here is the Trailvan by Imagine in South Africa



Here is a guide to motorcycle sized Camp and Cargo trailers maintained by Open Road Outfitters.