Camper Comparison

This page illustrates the difference between our trailer models to assist you in determining which model best meets your needs. All of our trailers notably expand your available space only when needed and are aimed at folks that take a simple, “unplugged” approach to camping.



Explorer Box

Type Some assembly required and assembled DIY project & built to any level of completion desired.
Vehicle Needs 1500 pound tow capacity Can be built lighter for motorcycles
Usage Multi-purpose Dedicated camper trailer
Sleeping capacity 4 People 2 People
Tent Setup

Assembly of tent unit required. Unpacking of trailer required

before tent setup

Rapid fold open tent unit.  Tent deployable with no unpacking.
Tent Standup, 6'-10" tall interior Situp, 4' tall interior.  Standup with MOAB changing room.
Storage Open, tarpable 59 cu ft. Enclosed 30 cu ft open floor deck
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